Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes in Oshawa…

Summer Schedule :  There are no regular classes in the summer, however if you are interested in setting up a private group, it can be arranged.  Please contact Tranquil Garden at 905-576-5982  - See information below































StretCHI Yoga:
Unwind from a hectic city work day with yoga stretches to release tension + increase flexibility all while calming the nervous system. Leaving you feeling relaxed + stress-free in both the mind + body. (All Levels)

MONDAY 5:30pm

Tranquil Hatha Yoga:
Explore body, mind and breath in a hatha class, where we hold postures longer and discover the subtle changes that occur as a result of going deeper into the postures. This moderately-paced class teaches the classic yoga postures through more complex breath practices and deepened awareness. Students will learn basic yoga postures, breath work, and meditation. Along with movement and breathing, we will also explore seated meditation for a deeper experience. (All Levels)


Yin Yoga:
This slow-paced class is designed to relieve tight muscles, release tension from your entire body, and teach you how sink into your own practice. Longer-held stretches are combined with deep breathing. Enjoy a relaxing yoga class with profound therapeutic benefits! (All Levels)


Restorative Yoga:
Feel all your stresses & tensions melt away while reconnecting with your breath & inner calm in this gentle Restorative practice. Focus will be on breathing, meditation & releasing the body through fully supported postures that allow for the body to  go deeper into the poses and muscles creating more openness, flexibility and release of tension. Excellent class for all ages & body types.