Traci Trimble

Traci Trimble

Empowerment Coach | Talk Therapist | Reiki Master | Workshop Facilitator

Traci Trimble 2013Are you a woman who is searching for what feels like the missing piece(s) of true happiness?
Do you intimately know depression, fatigue, chronic pain or an overwhelming feeling of being lost?
Are you finally ready to find the time, energy and money to invest in yourself?
Do you want to get excited about discovering Self Care and what it can do for you?

I will teach you!  Let me help you to Empower yourself…

Years ago, after another failed relationship, I dove head first back into a successful executive corporate position only to be diagnosed with Clinical Depression.  In a way it was a relief because it was not a reoccurrence of cancer.  However, in June 2008, that depression resulted in me having ‘no choice‘ but to leave the corporate world in order to save my life. I was completely lost!  I had no purpose or passion in life.  Even worse, I had nowhere to turn.

Today, using the tools I discovered on my own journey to self love, I educate women to empower themselves to evolve – body, mind and spirit through my Empowerment Coaching practise.  I also provide them with a place to gather together to learn, share, heal, grow and prosper at my Wellness Community, Day Spa and Event Centre called The Tranquil Garden – located in Oshawa, Ontario Canada.  I am a leader in the Self Care Evolution. I mentor woman who want to change their lives forever…

I want to Mentor YOU!

Together, we will discover:

  • the missing piece(s) of YOUR soul that stop you from living your life on purpose so that you find, know and live in happiness, wholeness and balance
  • the unique tools that connect YOU to your perfect relationship with self  – self love, self care and your higher self
  • what YOU need to be, to do and to have in order to eliminate depression, fatigue, chronic pain and anxiety from your life… for good!
  • how to put, to the best use, all of the personal development investments you have already made so that your only task in life is to continue to ‘feel good now!‘

The tools I use:

  • Energy & Breath work
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Intention Setting
  • Vision Boards
  • Talk Therapy


Live Your Life on Purpose


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