Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy


Talk Therapy Sessions


This interactive, intuitive and hands on session with Traci Trimble, B.A Psychology, Certified Empowerment Coach & Reiki Master incorporates talk therapy and energy work to create an deep understanding of your physical, mental and emotional issue(s) in order to shift your body, mind and spirit into a more positive perspective.  This shift creates the opportunity  to take a different perspective on your situation that can help you to decide how to fix what you are having challenges with and how to deal with the things you just cannot fix with a positive outlook.

 “I have such clarity and am so much more creative when I make time for my Talk Therapy sessions.  I finally have my depression under control without medication.  Thank you for introducing me to Reiki, Traci.  It has changed my life.  “ Erica from Brooklin

All treatments that Traci practices are based on the combined principals of all of her “healing” skills & training, her belief in the law of attraction and the movement of life force energy for the purpose of evolving the body, mind and spirit.  They take place on a massage table while you are fully clothed.

Benefits of Empowerment Coaching & Talk Therapy:

  • discovering and maintaining Life Purpose
  • Connecting to higher Self
  • Eliminating chronic pain, anxiety and depression
  • Mental, physical and emotional stress relief
  • Calms, revitalizes and uplifts the spirit

Cost:   60 minute ~ $85; 90 minutes $125 or 6 x 1 hour session package for $475

Call now to book your appointment with Traci Trimble: 905-576-5982