Guided Meditation Therapy

Guided Meditation Therapy in Oshawa

We offer guided meditation therapy and treatments, Energy Healing Sessions, yoga classes, a complete day spa and more in our 4,200 square foot wellness facility in Oshawa.  The benefits of relaxation meditations are well documented.  Meditation is a practice that one develops with time and experience. Guided meditation is well suited for the beginner looking to create a foundation for connecting to ones higher self.

Guided Meditation Therapy

This interactive, intuitive and hands on session is amplified with Reiki to create a customized and guided mediation to your very own sacred place where, given  time and experience, you will be able to find deep inside yourself answers to questions that will illuminate your path as you connect with your higher self.

In this 45 minute to 1 hour session or group class you will Follow verbal instruction, you will relax your entire body, and you will learn to clear your mind while concentrating on the healing aspects of your breath; Using detailed visual cues you will learn to venture deep within your physical body to create a spiritual connection to your higher self.  Our goal for each individual session will be to fulfill a specific intention set at the beginning of the session.   Over time the goal will be creating and maintaining a Guided Meditation practice of your own.

 This type of treatment is done in either a seated position or laying on a massage table.  Both individual and group treatments are offered.

Benefits of Guided Meditation:

  • enhances creativity, connection to self and to higher self
  • Improve problem solving
  • decreases and eliminates depression, anxiety and chronic pain
  • Calms, revitalizes and uplifts the spirit

Cost:   45 minute individual session ~ $65; an 8 class pass $99; drop in to monthly group $15

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