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count down to summer

This past winter was so cold, long and harsh plus the dreary transition into spring took so long that I am positive that we are all ready for an amazing Summer.  The team at Tranquil Garden is so excited about Summer that we have decided to really celebrate!  Starting with our Count Down to Summer… Goddess style with the introduction of our Goddess Membership Program that literally guarantees YOU some ME-TIME this summer  and wrapping up with our Summer Solstice Goddess Party – a free evening of fun, prizes and information.

Are YOU ready to be a Tranquil Garden Goddess?

Many women, particularly Mom’s that work outside of the home, find that the summer (especially July and August) is STRESS-FULL so when it comes to taking care of themselves they often just don’t bother. The stress and pressure seems to be amplified by the notion that everyone elses needs must be met – kids need something to do, the house is a disaster, work keeps piling up and hubby still needs TLC too!  So more often than not we just don’t bother with our own needs.  Don’t get me wrong it happens all year round – it just seems that in the summer we justify it as okay.  Well, guess what – it is not okay.  In fact, taking care of yourself is just not optional… it is absolutely essential.  When your vessel is empty and you keep depleting yourself everyone suffers.

 NOT Tranquil Garden Goddesses!

Tranquil Garden Goddesses are women living in Durham Region, they are hard working mom’s, entrepreneurs and/or professional women that know how stressful life can be… however, they have a secret ~ they know exactly where to go to get the  tools necessary to manage stress, to feel empowered and to maintain balance in their lives.

So if YOU are not a Tranquil Garden Goddess yet, let us help you with a few great ways to make sure you keep your cup topped up…


Making the effort to start the day on a positive note, my friend Cate Collins, of Powerful Journey Consulting,  recently shared a great truth that I will share with you today… starting the day on a positive note really will shape how the rest of the day will play out.  Do whatever works for you!  For me it is meditation ~ giving myself some time, even 10 minutes,  to set the stage for the rest of the day.  I suggest clearing your mind, breathing deeply and reciting a positive mantra that works to keep you feeling good all day long.  For me, I love statements that are short, simple and easy to believe.  Something like  “today is another awesome day”.  It is simple and feels great.  It also sets the expectation for only good things to come my way.  I have a few others that I use – my favorite is Om Daksham Namah.  It means “my actions achieve maximum results with minimal effort.  For me it sets the expectation for another easy day and I love the way the sounds feel in my throat and in my head.

Once a week

Do something that is just for you… for no one else; just you.  Something that brings you complete joy ~ it relaxes, rejuvenates and restores you.  It could be active or passive.  For me, my life is so fast paced and jam packed that when I get me time I want it to be passive.   I love to curl up with a cup of tea and a book that I am not going to be tested on.  I love to write with no intended end result.  I love to get a massage or meet a friend for lunch.


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tt-practitioner-2012-leaning-crop1Traci Trimble is an Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Teacher & Workshop Facilitator. She is a student of Jin Shin Do® Body Mind Acupressure™, a student of The Silva System, she holds a BA in Psychology and is trained in Talk Therapy. Her passion teaching the life skills that alleviate stress through spirituality & personal development. She leads a well-being movement called The Self Care Evolution where she is dedicated to educating women to empower themselves to evolve body, mind and spirit. She is the Founder and Executive Director of a Wellness Community in Oshawa Ontario Canada called The Tranquil Garden where women are inspired & motivated to minimize the effects of stress through spa services, energy treatments & educational events