BEAM stands for Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method. The underlying premise of this technique is that every experience you have ever had, in this life as well as past lives, is stored in your chakras.  So imagine that every article of clothing, every accessory, every pair of shoes you have ever owned in your whole life, is in your bedroom closet right now.  You have to be able to get dressed in that closet every day, and you have to be able to close the door, and you can’t take anything out.

Can you do it?

It’s really an impossible task.  And so it is with the negative experiences and traumas you’ve overcome in your life.  With BEAM, we use muscle testing to identify the experiences that are no longer serving you, and we gently remove them, releasing them back to the Universe.

This technique is highly effective for those dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, and any kind of acute responses to trauma.  It is useful to those who are feeling blocked personally or professionally, and anyone who is struggling to move forward into a life of success and abundance.  Autism Spectrum Disorder responds well to this modality as well.

Typically it takes approximately 7-10 sessions of BEAM to complete the release cycle, yet the impact of the work is felt immediately.

When you come for a BEAM treatment, you will sit in a chair or on a massage table comfortably.  We will begin by balancing your energy, ensuring that you are hydrated. Next comes the muscle testing using vials that are filled with the resonances of major life traumas, experiences and emotions.  During a treatment you will need to drink lots of water as you are guide you through your chakras to release the stored experience.

This method of healing is highly effective.

The initial session of BEAM lasts approximately 90 mins and costs $120.

Subsequent sessions are approximately 60 mins and costs $69.